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RESEARCH /residues of wetness,

with Olga Paczka, Patricia Roig, and Sara Tammone, 2020-ongoing



Oceans as Archives Symposium, University of Amsterdam, 2022

Accessing Water, conversation with Natasha Ruwona, David Dale Gallery, 2021

navigating in/with/through the water, self-organised online reading group, 2021

introduction, self-organised online event, 


residues of wetness brings together four interdisciplinary researchers and art practitioners who converged at the Ocean(s) as Archive(s) seminar led by Ayesha Hameed in 2019. row develops a digital archive of collective thinking with and about water, its entanglements, fluidities and discontinuities. The virtual space performs a function of the helm during online events and is inhabited by traces of row’s ideas together with found images,videos, sounds, and readings that invoke divergent aquatic imaginaries.

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